Student Competition

IFLA 2013 Shared Wisdom in an Age of Change

Student Design Competition

Redemptive Landscape Architecture



1st Place IFLA Group Han Prize for Student Landscape Architecture:
Lin Chensong, Jia Ying, Liu Jijiao, Xiao Yao, Zhang Haitian
Beijing Forestry University
Project:  “Blue Pray: restoration of Golbahar postwar zone by new water-centred planning mode”

2nd Place IFLA Zvi Miller Prize:
Florian Strauss
TU Munich
Project: “Terra Nova Ayiti: a landscape between urbanization & agriculture - Port au Prince, Haiti”

3rd Place Merit Award (IFLA50 Organising Committee and Jasmax):
Roeland Meek
University of Applied Sciences, Wageningen
Project: “The Tidal Landscape of the Eemsdam”


David Heymann, Chris Flawn, Sean Lont
University of Melbourne
Project:  “Bottoms Up: towards healthier people and landscapes through establishing autonomous sanitation in Dharvi, India”

Ksenia Aleksandrova
Lincoln University
Project:  “Sumner Village: between a rock and a wet place”


Veronica Carrasco and Mark Rodriguez
University of Melbourne
Project: “Dichato, Chile: Reflective Landscape”

Benjamin Kronenberg
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Project: “Fault Line Living”

Olivia Bird and Jack Earl
Lincoln University
Project:  “Maleable Horizons”

Chen Hu, Li Qi, Ma Zhen, Jiang Yi Hui, Meng Chuang. 
Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology
Project:  “Conquering the Unyielding with the Yielding”

Xijie Ma, Jianping Luo, Yiwen Ruan, Shaoxuan Zhou
South China University of Technology
Project: “Fisherman and the Sea”

Shi Zhan, Zheng Zijia, Miao Qing, Wang Chenhao, Ye Xiaoyang
Suzhou University of Science and Technology
Project: “Aurora of Baghdad”

Zhang Changbin, Wu Longfeng, Sun Yan, Feng Yijia, Li Xuan
Beijing Forestry University
Project: “Recombination and Regeneration”

Cairang Dazhou, Yang Liu, Jingqi Zhang, Yiyue Mao, Xing Guo
Beijing Forestry University
Project: “Vanish or Revive: sewing cracks on the ground and saving our faith”

Pang Yuxi, Liu Miao, Liu Xinya, Tian Yun, Ma Mengyu
Beijing Forestry University
Project: “Expanding Green Eggs: the shallow transformation after the locusts plague”

Wu Ran, Zhang Wei, Niu Lin, Bai Jing, Hu Nan
Beijing Forestry University
Project: “Coast of Hope”


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